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You have worked hard to achieve the success you have right now. In today’s highly competitive world, putting attention on cultivating a professional image that supports your objectives will allow you to outclass your competitors. While you know that you get only one chance to make the all-important first impression, it is equally imperative to make every day a day that you look your very best. Often times, this makes all the difference between you and someone with the same qualifications. Because there isn’t anything casual about your future, let us help you to make those great first impressions you were meant to make!

Our Program: THE POWERFUL LANGUAGE OF PRESENCE & PROTOCOL ▬ An interactive program designed to help you win with global awareness!

Competition in today’s business arena has grown by leaps and bounds, making it imperative that the etiquette and protocol skills required to compete effectively be developed and employed. Learning and upgrading these ‘soft skills’ is a necessary part of business. Soft skills training play an important part in maintaining relationships with customers and developing a successful business. It not only helps improve service but also shows the interest that an organization has in the professional development of their employees, which in turn leads to higher employee retention. This program is for anyone whose job requires communicating, negotiating and socializing in the global marketplace. Those who recognize that their image can be a powerful resource have a decided advantage over those who overlook this unwritten aspect of their resume.

The Goal of Our Programs: “The POWERFUL Language of Presence & Protocol” programs provides strategies to help you compete in a global economy – an economy that demands mental flexibility and awareness. You can use protocol and personal diplomacy to tip the scales in your favor no matter where you conduct business. “The POWERFUL Language of Presence & Protocol” programs focuses on equipping your team by addressing the following areas:

  1. Corporate Etiquette ▬ Creating Positive Impressions
  2. International Protocol ▬ Sensible Strategies to Broaden Your Global Awareness
  3. Dining For Dollars ▬ Polishing your first-class dining skills
  4. Body Language ▬ What you say when you are not talking
  5. The Power of Dress ▬ Professional Image with Personal Style
  6. Your Image via Written Communication ▬ Knowing how to say it

Objectives:   Each program has a specific desired outcome. Visit each page for a description and the desired outcome.

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