Business Protocol

Diplomacy is nothing but a lot of hot air,” said a companion to French Statesman Georges Clemenceau as they rode to a peace conference. “All etiquette is hot air,” said Clemenceau. “But that is what is in our automobile tires; notice how it eases the bumps

Title: Business Protocol ▬ Sensible Strategies to Broaden Your Global Awareness




There is no secret that rivalry in today’s international business arena has grown enormously, making it essential that the protocol skills required to compete effectively be developed and employed. Protocol is no longer held in reserve for the international diplomatic community. Knowledge of business protocol is required for anyone engaging in global business and trade. Being Diplomats for the firm we appear on behalf of, we should be equipped with a knowledge and understanding of the business and social customs of the countries which we are conducting business with. Develop your global awareness and be successful at home and internationally!

Desired Outcome:

  • Understand the role of Etiquette and Protocol
  • Increase confidence in diverse business situations
  • Learn appropriate/inappropriate business behaviors
  • Appreciate cultural diversity
  • Create a productive environment that promotes problem-solving and collaboration
  • Improving customer service
  • Social media do’s and don’ts

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