Body Language In Business

Deafness has left me acutely aware of both the duplicity that language is capable of and the many expressions the body cannot hide.” ~Terry Galloway

Topic: Body Language ▬ What you say when you are not talking




Every year thousands of businesses leave millions of dollars on the table because executives, managers, supervisors and salespeople don’t know how to read body language before the message is put into words. Our bodies give out many messages at the same time, by reading only one of the signals, you could get the completely wrong message. That can be the difference between clinching the deal and losing it. So, what do executives, managers, and salespeople do?  They attend yet another seminar on negotiation and sales skills. An obvious mismatch of disease and remedy. This half-day workshop is designed to give you a clear understanding of how body language works. The workshop does not ask you to add new body language to your current behavior; rather it concentrates on how each individual can moderate the body language they already have. If you need to have more effective communications with a variety of different people, this is the workshop for you!

Desired Outcome:

  • Learn how to read what others are thinking.
  • Learn how to read positive body language.
  • Learn how to read negative and aggressive body language.
  • Learn how to tell when someone is lying or thinks that you are lying.
  • Learn steps on how to improve your body language skills.
  • Learn how to manipulate other people’s body language to your advantage.

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