Look around You

Your work area is a direct reflection on you. If it is unkempt and disorganized, people will assume you are too. If it is full of family or other paraphernalia, your manager may assume that this is where your mind is.

Everyone likes to feel comfortable in his or her work environment, but be careful not to appear too comfortable. Unless you have a health condition, you do not need a pillow on your chair. If your chair is uncomfortable, you need to request a new one or have it adjusted.

Remember that your work area extend to your personal accessories and work vehicle. Your accessories should be an indication of your success and self-worth, e.g. a good pen, leathers briefcase etc. Your car should always be clean, tidy and free of bumper stickers and hanging ornaments.

Items that you should not overly expose in your office space: 

  • Family photographs
  • Indoor pot plants
  • Children’s painting and drawings
  • Items of clothing
  • Religious items
  • Cartoons

Office Image Breakers

  • Dead pot plants
  • Amusing slogans and inappropriate posters – e.g. “You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps”.
  • A very messy desk
  • An immaculately tidy desk
  • Too many family photographs
  • Non work related magazines
  • Shopping bags
  • Gym shoes or clothing
  • Eating at your desk
  • Desk blotters with scribble
  • Celebrity or religious posters
  • Toys, especially those stuck to computers
  • Pillows
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