Your image of yachting may be shaped by the movies you have seen that suggest that we should all wear blue blazers and deck shoes. This is appropriate in the marina and for ceremonial occasions, but not for actual boating. You should want to look great on the water, but when choosing clothing for your boating adventure keep in mind comfort and safety. Read on for a few boat clothing tips:

Tip #1 – Check the weather conditions

Always be aware that when you are out on a boat, it can get cold or windy, and the sun can be blazingly hot; no matter what the forecast said, or what the weather was like before you left home. Take sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, as well as something warm to throw on if it gets cold. The weather on the water can be at least 10 degrees cooler than on land. If you have long hair, remember a hair tie to keep your hair from blowing in your face.

Tip #2 – Arrive with your swimsuit already on

Space may be limited on the boat and the changing rooms are below deck in the toilet. They can be small and cramped, and if you get seasick you want to spend as little time in there as possible. A two-piece swimsuit is just as appropriate as a one piece, but a one piece doubles as a bodysuit as soon as you throw on a pair of shorts. Skirts and dresses are great cover-ups but are otherwise a bad idea in windy conditions. If you arrive in your swimsuit, remember to bring underwear for after you take your wetsuit off.

Tip #3 – Choose the right footwear

The right pair of shoes depends on the type of boating you plan to do. Wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily, but something with a little grip. Most boat owners do not allow you to wear heels on the deck and prefer you to wear shoes that they provide, or may ask you to go barefoot. Take a pair of non-slip shoes and bringing a second pair is a smart idea, in case your feet get wet. Make sure they have light colored soles. Black soles can markup the deck, are a big no no and the first rule of boating etiquette.

Tip #4 – Take a big bag

Take an additional outfit with you, in the off chance that it might rain; or in case of a boating accident and you get wet, having a dry set of clothes will save the day. Taking a big bag will come in handy for this – a large bright tote can also carry all of your accessories, such as a beach towel, reading materials, and a straw hat to protect your face from the sun.

Tip #5 – Another tip

Choose to wear clothes that can be layered. With layering, you can take items off and put them back on, but you cannot produce extra clothes out on the water. Irrespective of the season you plan to go boating, the best outfit for boating is one that fulfills three objectives: feels good against your skin, keeps you at a comfortable temperature, and keeps you dry.

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