“Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.”  – Frank Tyger

Your business card is part of your visual communications package. It should be given to someone in such a way that the recipient remembers the giver. Here are 10 Tips to assist you with your Business Card Protocol:

  1. Present the card with the print facing the recipient so the recipient will not have to turn it around to read it.
  2. Don’t give out a business card that is defective, out of date, or soiled.
  3. Carry cards in a card case to keep them fresh and protected such as in a handsome leather case.
  4. Before attending an event, always put a supply of cards in your suit pocket for easy access.
  5. Carry business cards in the evening at social events in case a good business contact presents itself. But be very careful, especially in a private home. If cards are exchanged, both parties should be very discreet.
  6. Never produce a card during a private luncheon or dinner where you run the risk of your host seeing the exchange.
  7. Present your business card to the receptionist each time you visit a company. It helps the receptionist to announce you.
  8. Don’t pass out your cards like flyers at a hardware store opening. Handing your card out indiscriminately will make you appear pushy and unprofessional.
  9. Don’t force your card on anyone or offer it early in a conversation. Junior executives don’t give or request cards from senior executives. Let the senior executive request your card, and only then should you present it.
  10. When receiving a card, take the time to look at it because a card is representative of the person. Write pertinent notes on the card later, not in the person’s presence.

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