Athletes’ Image Development

“To insure that athletes project the best possible image”

Are you looking for an edge to attract the attention of recruiters?

Players everywhere, regardless of sport, are looking for an advantage over their competitors. They want to stand out from the crowd. Younger players are looking to gain attention from premier teams and leagues, or are competing for scholarships to Universities with varsity programs. Seasoned players want to lock down a position with a professional team. Players work hard to ensure their performance is top notch in order to attract the eye of a Scout or Recruiter…but sometimes hard work and dedication simply isn’t enough.

While these young people are in our care it is important to provide them with as much preparation for adulthood as possible. This does not mean pedantic lectures from authority figures about right and wrong. It means having a dialogue with them about how a society functions well, the importance of treating people with respect, their role in society, valuing others, and living with integrity. Our one-on-one coaching is designed to position the Athlete as a “class act” with a “presence of greatness.” In other words it is important to teach them the rules of etiquette.

Purpose: From mastering the art of fine dining, to business events and charity functions, players must be comfortable and self-assured in a variety of social situations. This program will help to enhance the athletes’ self-confidence, as well as, better prepare them for the future. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Investing in the total athlete is a benefit to any team and its brand. Whether on or off the field, players need to be the best they can possibly be – “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” (Heywood Broun)

The Topic: “Athletes Poised to Impress” ▬ Athletes learn basic manners and communication skills with a strong focus on respect and value for others, integrity and putting people at ease. Content is geared toward life today.

Details: Knowing the proper social graces allows Athletes to feel confident and poised. It is important to equip them with sound social skills. We must remember that even though they seem very mature, they aren’t, they have just been bombarded with adult content and in turn copy what they see and push the limits as far as they are allowed.

Outcome: Young people deserve to inherit a world with manners. If we allow rules of civility and etiquette to slide, they assume that manners have no real intrinsic value and need only be used when convenient. Arming athletes with the proper etiquette and social skills to feel comfortable in all life situations is a gift that they will use naturally.

Classes are offered to Individuals, Universities, Schools and Private Organizations. Customized programs. In home Family training. After-school classes. One day and ½ day seminars. Group “Manners parties”. Prices vary per location.

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