Image, Etiquette and Body Language Consultants



You have worked hard to achieve the success you have right now. In today’s highly competitive world, putting attention on cultivating a professional image that supports your objectives will allow you to outclass your competitors. While you know that you get only one chance to make the all-important first impression, it is equally imperative to make every day a day that you look your very best. Often times, this makes all the difference between you and someone with the same qualifications. Because there isn’t anything casual about your future, let us help you to make those great first impressions you were meant to make!


General Information

Exclusive Corporate Image, offers image consulting services to individuals and groups. Services include Etiquette and Dining Skills Training for Children and Adults, International Protocol Guidance, Body Language, Your Image via Written Communications, Image & Color Analyses, Closet Audits and Personal Shopping.

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