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“Thank you for presenting “How to Dress to Shine at Work”. Every element of your presentation exceeded our expectations. You addressed all of the issues that have manifested in our work environment. Your dynamic style and demeanor fostered open-mindedness and introspection. The beauty of your delivery is that you engaged and connected with the staff, gained trust, and earned their respect by sharing personal stories and experiences, providing visual examples, and effectively and creatively articulating the message.

With the perfect blend of humor and candor, you were able to take a sensitive topic and transform it into an enriching learning experience. Undoubtedly, every person on our team learned something today that they will carry with them as they continue to develop both personally and professionally. Again, thank you for working with us. I look forward to your next seminar here at LifeNet4Families.”
Melanie Geddes, Ed.D.

President and CEO, LifeNet4Families

“Elaine’s keynote address at the American Business Women’s Association Tri-County ABW Day conference was impeccable! She delivered her message with the ease of a table-side conversation with dear friends, the poise of a princess, and the clarity of a guide for the visually-impaired, which is to say, the level of trust she established with her audience was paramount. I recommend Elaine as a speaker and etiquette consultant with enthusiasm!”

Juli A. H. Evans

Adjunct Accounting Professor, Kaplan University

“I am extremely privileged to have met and later hired Elaine Simmons! Elaine is one of the most professional and knowledgeable women I have ever met. With the highest of standards and sense of propriety, Elaine has elevated my business because she has raised my image to another level. Thank you, Elaine, for helping me personally and for helping my business to grow!”

Laurie Woodward García

Owner, Kaylin Printing & Promotional Products

“Elaine presented at our Women’s Prosperity Network Leadership Academy Training and was excellent. She thoroughly and gracefully shared the importance of your “Image”, which goes far beyond what you wear. Elaine is an expert, a woman of class and grace. I highly recommend her for ALL businesses – corporate, entrepreneur, etc – whatever business. If you want success – you want Elaine to guide you on the perfect image!”

Nancy Matthews

Owner, Women's Prosperity Network

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